Page headers are used at the top of several Salesforce Lightning page.

Highlights Panel component

From the Standard components, select the Highlights Panel. This component is fully working for mobile view as well. The compact layout section is there and all you need to do is dragging fields inside.

Page Headers templates

NOTE: page headers templates are not optimized for mobile.

Base: The Base page header is a masthead that contains the Title of the page, and supporting details.

Record Home
: The Record Home page header is located at the top of every record. It includes the record title and compact layout for a record. The page header displays 4 compact layout fields by default to put any informations related to the record as an output.

Object Home
: The Object Home page header is a sorting component. This component is created of existing components like grids, buttons, button groups, and icons.

Mobile Headers
:  which is use to design a Salesforce mobile page.

Record Vertical
: is used in more compact layout where more vertical space is desired. The heading does not truncate.

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