Tables are an enhanced version of an HTML table and are used to display tabular data in Salesforce. You can add any element inside a table.


  • Table and Data table elements are not mobile-ready yet.
  • Column widths are not adjustable yet. It's on our roadmap.

Table vs Data table

A table element gives you the ability to add any elements inside to build an enhanced table (like links, icons, buttons...). Very useful if you need to create a more complex and interactive table. 

A data table element gives you only the ability to add text inside your table.  


Column: Add as many column as you like in your table.

Rows: Choose the number of rows you want to add to your table. Each row can contain any element inside.

Row Action: You can add checkbox or checkbox button to your table. Represent row to select for end-users.

Row Hover: An hover can be activated represent selection to elements when you mouse over them.

Bordered: Add a border on each row.

Column Bordered: Add a border on each column.

Striped: Addd a zebra-striping to any table row 

Cell Buffer Left and right: Add a buffer margin left and/or right.

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